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Michael Maisey

Michael has been sober for fifteen years. Since his release from prison in 2001, he has been on a journey of self-development to improve his life and heal the wounds from his childhood.


He went from being a child from an underprivileged background, with zero qualifications, to setting up an award-winning business in London.


Following this, he founded the CIP Project in Devon, where he shares the tools he has found to be most beneficial to help others reach their full potential.

His core belief is about 100%
accountability, giving back, and transforming the lives of others from all walks of life.​

Michael is also the best-selling author of Young Offender and a TEDX speaker.

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Luke Szachnowski

Luke moved to the UK from Poland in 2005, where he embarked on a journey of self-development.

In 2015, Luke decided to get sober and has been so ever since. During the past eight years, he has developed various techniques to help him become a better version of himself.

In 2017 he enrolled on a counselling course with Clearmind International. In 2018 he completed breathwork training with Wim Hof and brings these methods to our workshops.


Luke has facilitated at many workshops to help others reach their full potential. He attended the very first CIP Project weekend and has been a valued member from the beginning, he now leads our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Kingston Upon Thames

Luke uses his skills and lived experience to help those within the CIP community and grow the

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Dave Vaughan-Griffiths

Also known as "Big Dave", amongst his peers at CIP.


Dave has been on his own recovery journey since 2014 after battling with addiction in his earlier years. Dave is now clean and sober from alcohol and drugs and in recovery from complex PTSD.

Dave started his journey with CIP in 2021 which saw him complete the four initiation workshops and graduate from the King Within in 2021. He has since gone onto facilitate in other workshops and helped the Class of 2022 graduate.

Dave runs our weekly online men's group called Man Clan and helps facilitate our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Devon.

Outside of CIP Dave runs his own business, is a loving father and husband to his his four children and wife Sarah.

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Jordan Quinn

Jordan has been on his healing and self development journey since 2012, over a decade of working with various therapists and organisations using different methods of counselling and psychotherapy.

He attended his first workshop with CIP in September 2021 and went onto graduate with the Class of 2022 after completing the four initiation workshops.

He completed his leadership training with CIP in 2022 and now helps facilitate workshops and lead our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Birmingham.

Outside of CIP Jordan runs his own fashion business, he is a devoted husband and Dad of 3 girls. He also volunteers at a homeless shelter in Birmingham and is on the advisory board for Changes UK.

Rebecca Granshaw

Rebecca started her healing journey in 2015, after 7 years of training and working with different organisations to help her overcome her own struggles.

Becca is a qualified Crystal Sound Activator and Tibetan Bowl Healer.

She attended a women's retreat with CIP in 2022 and later went on to complete her leadership training with CIP later that year.

Becca now leads our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Surrey and is qualifying to become a Somatic Trauma Therapist.

Outside of CIP Becca is a loving aunty and co founder of Evolve Circle a small women's community supporting women.

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Sarah Vaughan-Griffiths

Sarah started her journey with The CIP Project in May 2021, when the first women's retreats began.


After suffering childhood trauma and being in a domestic violence relationship from the age of 18, and then going into a relationship with an addict who also suffers with PTSD, she had lost herself and did not know where to turn.


Sarah then found CIP and started her healing journey. She is now dedicated to helping other women.


She went on to gain her level 1 & 2 in Reiki Healing and completed her leadership training with CIP in 2022.

Sarah now leads our online weekly support group for women and facilitates our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Devon.

Outside of CIP Sarah works in a local school in Devon and is Mum to two children and married to her husband Dave who also supports the project.

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Liam MClay

Liam attended his first workshop with CIP in London 2019 after finding recovery and feeling like something was still missing from his life.


He felt so passionately about the project and the work that we do, that he decided he would go on to complete our leadership training and then help others coming to the project. He is the leader of our catering team and provides us with great food on our workshops.


Liam helps facilitate our Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Kingston Upon Thames.

Outside of CIP Liam is a Michelin star chef in London, he is a loving father to two children and has been sober for multiple years.


He mentors other men on their journeys to getting sober.

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Haleem Clift

Haleem started his journey with CIP in 2019 after a workshop led by Michael Maisey was delivered in his local college.

He is in recovery from addiction and has been sober for multiple years.

In 2021 Haleem completed the four initiation workshops with CIP and graduated from the King.

He has since gone on to complete his leadership training with CIP and now facilitates on the workshops, the weekly online Man Clan support group and The Sacred Circle Emotional Support Group in Devon.

Haleem's story has been featured on Channel 4 and he now gives talks in schools and colleges across the UK raising awareness around addiction and mental health for the up and coming generations.

Outside of CIP he volunteers his time for the Charlie Waller Trust and runs his own podcast "Honesty Speaks"

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