Who have attended our workshops

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Works in Investment Management

‘Before going on my first retreat I had lost touch with what it meant to be a man. I was disconnected from myself, struggling in relationships and my career and scared of failing as a father.
But the fact that I’ve now done three consecutive retreats says it all. The safe space that is created
through acceptance, vulnerability, honesty and integrity is like nothing I’ve ever experienced.’
I’ve read countless books and wasted thousands on coaches but I can safely say these weekends are
infinitely more valuable. When sitting in circle you will be part of a place where there is no
judgement or criticism, only equality and support for you and what you are going through.’
‘So if you’re on the fence about booking onto a retreat, don’t be. Take the leap of faith and examine
your ‘stuff’ with other men who will stand by your side as your equal. You will leave the retreat
feeling 10 feet tall and with a group of brothers who will go through anything with you. I have
genuine friends for life who I would do anything for without any hesitation. I’m now better
equipped as a father to help my own son grow to be a mature, strong and loving human being.’
‘Each time I go on one of the retreats it replenishes my hope for all men - that we can rediscover the
healthy masculine that lies within us and set an example for the next generation of strong mature

Warrior Within - September 2019
The Calling - February 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020

The Lover - May 2021

The Magician - June 2021

The King Within - July 2021



Company Director

"I have been on three workshops with Michael, and it always amazes me how men from completely different walks of life can come together and form an instant bond. I have met some great men that i now proudly call my brothers, and would encourage anyone considering one of these workshops to come along and check it out. It will change your life. There really is nothing to lose"

Lover Within - December 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020

The Calling - February 2020



Ex Paratrooper now Professional PT

"After the first initial sit down meet and greet, i was not fully committed to share any of my worries. However it became apparent that there was a sense of belonging. To be guided through a series of tasks, building confidence and cohesion between the group of men.

We ended, with what i can only describe as a magical feeling on the Sunday afternoon, with 19 new friends for life.

If your willing to shed whatever you have to move forward, then this is exactly what you will receive. Like a snake shedding its skin, you will be reborn as the new you. If you want to make a positive impact on your life, to make a change and to make a real difference. Then sign up to one of these events.

Warrior Within - September 2020

Lover Within - May 2021



Student and Athlete

"The most valuable weekend i have ever experienced. Vert grateful to have joined such great, kind and courageous men on the beginnings of their new journeys. The best thing is i didn't even realise how much i needed this weekend. Thank you Warriors, you are my brother. Always. AHO"

Lover Within - December 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020

Student Emotional Intelligence Program - January 2020

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Ex Music Publicist now works in Mental Health

"A weekend of meaning, connection, reflection and self-improvement. All of us were encouraged and challenged to reach into our cores in order to become better pillars of society. We all walked away with not only a new found energy and outlook on life, but also friends for life"

The Magician - June 2021

Lover Within - December 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020

The Calling - February 2020

Warrior Within - September 2019



Retired Barber

"I participated recently in a warrior workshop hosted by The CIP Project. It was the best single experience i have had in my life, beautifully brought together by the team who facilitated with great support, skill and understanding. They were meeting me in my own shoes. I left with deep connecting friendships with all the men i met on the workshop, including the facilitators. I take all i have learned forward with respect and honour to all my new life experiences"

Lover Within - December 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020




"The Men's retreat was an experience like no other! Intense, transformative and insightful. Over the course of this one weekend, i learnt what it really means to be a man"​

The King Within - July 2021

The Magician - June 2021

Warrior Within - April 2021

Lover Within - December 2020

Warrior Within - September 2020

Student Emotional Intelligence Program -January 2020

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Founder and Host of The Take Flight Podcast

"The Warrior Within Men's Retreat was the most powerful and perspective shifting experience i could have asked for, i left feeling lighter and happier in myself"

Warrior Within Weekend - September 2019

The Calling - February 2020

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What an inspiring weekend. Michael and all the team at The CIP Project made the weekend so powerful, so meaningful, with such a real feeling of brotherhood. Who'd have thought you could spend the weekend with a bunch of strangers and feel so connected with them ? All i can say is go for it, you wont regret it!

Warrior Within - September 2019

The Calling - February 2020



Police Officer

"I went nervous and skeptical, but also open hearted, i left feeling content, at peace and with a new brotherhood and support network. Highly recommended"

Warrior Within - September 2020



Area Manager in Safety Equipment

"A weekend of self development and growth through shared experiences with a group of men i didn't know at the beginning of the weekend and whom i now have close bonds and regard as brother"

Warrior Within - September 2020



Managing Director of Tile  Supplier

"Change is not easy, but it is possible. I truly believe that the CIP Project offers the best environment, and people to help you make the change you want. An inspiring weekend spent with the most amazing people, who i now call my brothers"

Warrior Within - September 2020



Mindset Coach

"Michael creates a beautifully safe space allowing men to become more of who they are capable of being"

The Calling - February 2020

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Model and Presenter

"Michael has the ability to bring men together in a way that feels special. He creates an environment conducive to honest sharing and listening without judgement... something that feels both cathartic and liberating"

The Calling - February 2020

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PT and Contestant from Series 4 of SAS Who Dares Wins

"Upon arriving i had no idea what to expect. I find it difficult to open up about demons in my closet, but within the first day spent with the group i began to understand what it was all about.

I opened up about some issues I have had to deal with all of my life and by gently opening up about them i felt the pressure leave my shoulders on the final day.

The Sweat Lodge was the highlight for me, pushing myself beyond my mental and physical barriers.

I can guarantee if you take part in one of these weekends with Mike and the team you will feel reborn"

Warrior Within Weekend - June 2019

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Publishing Agent

"The weekend was a powerful experience which i would recommend to anyone. It was tough but well worth the effort for the lessons i learned about myself and i am very happy to have taken part"

Warrior Within Weekend - September 2018