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At the core of CIP's enchantment lies a deep respect for ancient Celtic traditions, intertwined with profound influences from the Lakota tradition of sweat lodges. Our founder, the only initiated Lakota Sundancer in the UK, leads us in the art of blending wisdom from our shared human heritage. The Sweat Lodge, a mystical ceremony, unfolds organically, weaving together tales of old, visions of awe, and the resonance of song. As the sun arcs through the sky, we embark on rounds of purification, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, until the Lodge's culmination after 3 to 4 hours. The conclusion of our journey is marked by a communal feast around the fire, where baked potatoes, Veg Curry, and other delights, alongside warm beverages, foster a sense of sacred connection and relaxation after the Lodge's intensity.

Michael Maisey 

Michael, known amongst the Oglala Lakota as Ska Wičháša hówakȟaŋ (White Man Weeping), holds the distinction of being the sole initiated Lakota Sundancer in the UK.


For 16 years, he has walked the Red Road, carrying the sacred Lakota medicine into his homeland of Devon. In his ceremonies, he seamlessly integrates elements of native Celtic culture, bridging traditions to create a unique and enriching spiritual experience.

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Woven with Magic

These lodges, woven with magic, are born of reverence and respect for the elders who have carried this medicine forward. In the Lakota tradition, ceremony is a gift, and it is forbidden to charge for it. Thus, we rely on donations to ensure that the magic of these lodges remains accessible to all who seek it. Every coin offered goes towards the upkeep and running of the ceremony, from the wood to the rocks that heat the lodge. No personal profit is gained from these enchanted gatherings, for the essence of this medicine is pure and selfless.

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