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Our Sweat Lodge

Self Development Retreats & Workshops in Devon

At CIP, we're all about tapping into our native Celtic heritage, while drawing on the powerful roots of the Lakota tradition of sweat lodges. Our founder is an initiated Lakota Sundancer, and we've got a treasure trove of knowledge to draw from, but there's nothing quite like that inner wisdom and ancient knowledge that's already bubbling inside us all.


At the heart of CIP's magic lies a reverence for the ancient Celtic ways, and yet, our roots delve deep into the Lakota tradition of sweat lodges. Our founder, an initiated Lakota Sundancer, guides us in the art of weaving knowledge from the primordial wellspring within us all. The Sweat Lodge, a mystical ritual, unfolds as a spontaneous tapestry, interwoven with tales of lore, visions of wonder, and the power of song. As the sun journeys across the sky, we delve into rounds of rapture, each lasting between 20 to 30 minutes, until the duration of the Lodge reaches its conclusion, usually spanning between 3 to 4 hours. The journey's end is marked by the sharing of food and drink around the fire, a period of relaxation after the Lodge's intensity. Baked potatoes, Veg Curry or similar delights, and warm beverages all grace this sacred communion.

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In the waning light of 2019, a new chapter was written in the ancient tome of the sweat lodge. The rites to pour lodge were entrusted to our founder, Michael Maisey, by his Lakota elder. Michael, a seeker of the ways of healing, had been drawn to the magic of sweat lodges since 2014. With each passing moon's cycle, he delved deeper into the mysteries of this sacred realm. For five years, he basked in the teachings of Blackfoot and Lakota elders, learning the ways of the medicine carrier. His journeys took him to the lands of the Shoshone Bannock in Utah and the Lakota in Indiana, where he immersed himself in their wisdom. In 2023, upon completing his Hanblecheya, aka vision quest, on the Fort Hall reservation in Utah, Michael was invited to join the Lakota Rites of Passage ceremony, known as the Sundance. Upon emerging from this sacred rite, he was recognized as a Lakota Sundancer by the Sundance Chief, a testament to his journey of discovery.

These lodges, woven with magic, are born of reverence and respect for the elders who have carried this medicine forward. In the Lakota tradition, ceremony is a gift, and it is forbidden to charge for it. Thus, we rely on donations to ensure that the magic of these lodges remains accessible to all who seek it. Every coin offered goes towards the upkeep and running of the ceremony, from the wood to the rocks that heat the lodge. No personal profit is gained from these enchanted gatherings, for the essence of this medicine is pure and selfless.

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