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Fri, 06 Sept


Camping "Pe Toloaca"

The Calling in Moldova

A immersive experience, delving deep into the work of masculine and feminine alchemy.

The Calling in Moldova
The Calling in Moldova

Time & Location

06 Sept 2024, 11:00 – 08 Sept 2024, 16:00

Camping "Pe Toloaca", 63H2+7V, Milești, Moldova

About the Event

Dear friends from the United Kingdom and Moldova,

We extend a warm invitation to join us at this event, which the CIP is organising for the first time abroad, in Moldova. We are eager to share sacred teachings with you, offering an opportunity to embrace a more connected, loving and peaceful way of life.

Led by our founder, Michael Maisey, an initiated Lakota sundancer, the weekend will be filled with immersive experiences such as a Lakota sweat lodge, cathartic breathwork, sacred connection, ritual combat, and others.

Sweat Lodge - The Lakota term for sweat lodge is Inípi which means “to live again.” Inípi is a purification rite and is necessary to help the vision quest seeker enter into a state of humility and undergo a kind of spiritual rebirth. The sweat lodge is central to Inípi. Prayers offered there draw on all the powers of the universe — Earth, Water, Fire and Air. In the old days, Inípi was done before any significant undertaking to purify the body and gain strength and power.

Cathartic Breathwork - is the use of breathing techniques in order to achieve altered states of consciousness and to have a variety of effects on physical and mental well-being. With Cathartic Breath we will call forth the healing and nurturing energies of the Divine Feminine, our Mother Goddess, breathing together to release past trauma, increase soul clarity, and create and build our inner hearth.

Sacred Connection - these are guided exercises that will enable participants to create a deeper connection with themselves and those around them. If you ever feel lonely – you will find this process especially beneficial.

Ritual Combat - we create a safe environment for connecting and expressing primal emotions. Through ritual combat, participants will establish a genuine and fearless connection with themselves and fellow brothers and sisters.

Your presence would be a valuable addition to our gathering.

If you're reading this, we invite you to join us on this journey of growth and connection.



How do we get there?

Moldova has an international airport in its capital, Chisinau. That is the easiest gateway into the country. Alternatively, you can first fly to neighbouring Romania, into Bucharest or Iasi and from there take a bus to Chisinau.

Do we need a visa?

No. You can enter the country using a Valid Passport and stay up to 90 days without any paperwork required.

Is it safe for a solo male/female traveller?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for anyone.

Where can I stay before and after the workshop?

You can book accommodation on Airbnb and Booking.

You can choose a place to stay in the capital Chisinau, or in the beautiful countryside, or camp at the workshop location (for the last option - please contact Jon, details below)

What is the best transportation?

Taxis easy to use and relatively cheap. Most rides within the city would be under £5.

An hour’s ride outside the city is around £30. You can pay by cash or by card via the apps.

Download the local taxi apps - Letz and Yandex Go

Alternatively - you can rent a car, which would make it easier if you want to travel to several places.

On the morning of the workshop start day, Jon will help with arranging transportation from Chisinau to the workshop camp.

Workshop camp location:

What is there to do in Moldova?

Moldova does not have big, famous highlights, but it does have a magic, warm feel to it wherever you choose to go.

The weather will be warm, mid to high 20’s. You’ll get to eat fresh, organic fruit and vegetables picked fresh from people’s backyards. Many countryside roads and hiking trails will have fruit trees and berries waiting to be picked and enjoyed! Don’t be surprised if local villagers invite you to their houses for a snack and a glass of wine. Most people here are very welcoming, especially to tourists.

Here are just a few places worth to visit:

If you have any further questions then please email Jon Gribincha, our CIP graduate based in Moldova:



    All meals and camping included

    From £444.00 to £544.00
    • £444.00
      +£11.10 service fee
    • £544.00
      +£13.60 service fee
    • £510.00
      +£12.75 service fee



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