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"I am going to say this with no shame if the CIP didn’t enter my life when it did I would have taken my own life. This is how vital this organisation is for others like myself, it’s a life raft"

"To anyone suffering get yourself booked into the CIP workshops. They’ve completely changed my life and I’ve witnessed change in a lot of the people I’ve met on these workshops. This was my 5th workshop they are just amazing. Not sure how Michael and the team do what they do. It seems like magic to me. The most powerful men I’ve ever came across on my 42 years on earth"

" I was a person who suffered from mental health, alcohol and drug abuse from the age of 18 onwards. I've had great support throughout my life with family and friends but now the CIP, their a family that will never leave or see you struggle."

"Once again got more from this weekend than years of therapy or other meetings. Provided healing and connection that isn’t found anywhere else. Makes change possible for anyone"

"This workshop has had such a profound impact on my outlook towards making connections with people. I have very few people in my life who I feel I can trust or truly open up with. The men I have met on this and the previous workshop and who I remain in contact with have become closer to men than anyone I have known."

"The CIP has given me a deeper understanding of myself and my emotional connection to my family my children, my friends and all other human beings and ultimately a better version of me."

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