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Support the CIP Project to extend a helping hand to those that are struggling

Why donate to the CIP Project?

Michael Maisey created the Change is Possible Project after turning his life around following being sent to prison as an angry young man of only 16 years old. His story is inspirational and is detailed in a TEDx talk he gave last year  Uncaged: From Prison to Purpose.

In the current climate, people feel less connected than ever; your donation will help us to help others rebuild those connections, deal with their inner demons and make positive life choices. In turn, this helps break inter-generational trends of addiction and substance abuse, rebuilding families and saving lives. 

And please leave us a message, let us know why you donated. We love receiving these messages; they are a ray of light for our small team.


We make a difference because you help us to do so.

Can you support our work?

Your donation will go towards our provision of practical support for those most in need with access to our online and in person support groups, and bursary spaces for our Community Workshops. These are often people struggling with depression, battling addiction or struggling to come to terms with current or childhood trauma.


We also deliver workshops in prisons aimed at helping prisoners to foster resilience and gain emotional intelligence and perspective. This in turn helps their relationships with those closest to them, helps reduce isolation and reduces violence. We then provide ongoing support following release in the form of online and in person groups.

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