Are you ready for change?

Most of our workshops take place over a weekend at our outdoor retreat centre deep in the Devon countryside. They provide a space for you to step away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and delve deep into yourself in a journey of self-discovery.


Be under no illusion, this isn't a luxury retreat. To get the most from the experience you will be asked to step outside your comfort zone, pushing yourself more than you ever have before, and you may well discover some painful truths about yourself and your past.


But we promise you, the rewards will be immense.

  • The Lover Within
    Fri, 13 May
    Blackdown Hills
    The Lover within us all if left unnourished or under developed can lead to problems such as addiction to money, sex, fame, drugs and alcohol. Some of the activities will be camping outside, breathe work, meditation, cold water therapy and various self development techniques.
  • The Warrior Within
    Fri, 17 Jun
    Blackdown Hills
    We all have a Warrior Within us, Carl Jung's work on The Archetypes explored this part of the male personality in depth and so will we during this weekend workshop. Some of the activities will be camping outside, a Native American sweat lodge, breathe work, ICE baths and self development.
  • The Magician Within
    Fri, 15 Jul
    Blackdown Hills
    The Magician is a part of ourselves where the patient parent or wise teacher lives within us, but this may sometimes manifest as an overthinker, a joker or a manipulator of information. This workshop is particularly beneficial to teachers in the field of self development and for parents.
  • The King Within
    Fri, 12 Aug
    Blackdown Hills
    ONLY AVAILABLE TO MEN WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE LOVER, WARRIOR AND MAGICIAN WITHIN We all have a King Within us, who has often been dethroned by the Warrior. Our job is to put the king back in charge and become the man we truly want to be.
  • The Sacred Ones
    Fri, 14 Jan
    Retreat Centre
    An opportunity for healing during the cold of winter. Available for men and women.

2022 Season