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We appreciate that you may have questions, particularly about our community workshops, so we pulled together a series of FAQs. To make it more accessible, we asked our participants, facilitators and guests to answer the questions on camera, including why they attended. After all, personal experience is the best testimony.
Sometimes its self-development, sometimes it's recovery from trauma, struggles with addiction and substance abuse, coping with integrating back into the community after prison, or dealing with grief and loss. We are so grateful to each and every participant who was brave enough to tell us what they gained from attending a workshop, so that you might see what we do, and why, and maybe decide to come along one day yourself?

Why do people attend a CIP Project Community Workshop?

Can you attend a CIP Project Community Workshop with family or friends?

Who is welcome at a CIP Project Community Workshop?

Are women safe and welcomed at CIP Project Community Workshops?

Are CIP Project Community Workshops luxury retreats?

What can I expect if I attend a CIP Project Community Workshop?

Will a CIP Project Community Workshop help me deal with trauma?

How do you explain the CIP Project to friends and family?

How old do you have to be to attend a CIP Project Community Workshop?

There are 4 workshop themes - do I have to attend them all?

How does the bursary scheme work?

How does the CIP Project protect confidentiality?

Does the CIP Project work with other support services?

If you still have questions, head over to the More FAQs page! Hopefully we can answer them there. If not, just send us a message.

Videos by @ghb_photos

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