We use our lived experience and skills to create weekly check in groups teaching emotional intelligence. The groups become a safe place people can come to, to check in with their high and lows and learn skills on communication, vulnerability, honesty, vision and purpose. Many of the skills required for personal development.
We currently deliver these workshops in schools and prisons in the south of England.



We use our lived experience and skills to help people understand themselves at a deeper level and encourage them to move towards a better version of themselves through various techniques such as Carl Jung's description of The Archetypes, ICE Baths, Breath Work, Native American Sweat Lodges, and deep emotional processing work.



Michael is the Author of Best-Selling Book 'Young Offender'. He has been sober for 12 years and since his release from prison in 2001 he has been on a journey practising healing and self-development on himself to improve his life and heal the wounds from his own childhood. He went from a child from an underprivileged background, with zero qualifications to being in a position to retire at the age of 35. He works with all the tools which he has found to be most beneficial, he brings these tools together to help others reach their full potential and help them to step up and let their own light shine. His core belief is about 100% accountability, giving back, and transforming the lives of others from all walks of life.


·         2019 - MKP - Primary Integration Training

·         2014 -MKP - Leadership Training

·         2014 -Clearmind International - Facilitation Training Level 1

·         2009 -Tony Robbins - Personal Power Level 1 and 2

Personal Self Development

·         Sobriety Date 15/12/2007

·         March 2008 - The 12 Step Program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous

·         September 2008 – The London Buddhist Centre Meditation Training

·         April 2009 – Tony Robbins - Personal Power Self Development Course

·         November 2011 – The London Buddhist Centre Meditation Training

·         December 2012 – The Awakening Workshop – Clearmind International

·         March 2013 – The Edge Workshop – Clearmind International

·         September 2013 – Take 2 Workshop – Clearmind International

·         December 2013 – Men and Miracles – Clearmind International

·         March 2014 – New Warrior Training Adventure – The Mankind Project

·         May 2018 – Breathwork Training – Wim Hof

·         Nov 2019 – Shadow Work Weekend – Tim and Mel Hall

Lived Experience

Ex inmate of HM Prison Feltham Young Offenders Institution

Ex alcoholic and drug addict

Today is 12 Years sober, successful business owner, married with 2 children.

12 Years training in and practising spiritual and personal development.

Awarded 'Community Safety Hero' in 2014 by The London Borough of Hounslow and The Metropolitan Police

Nominated for a National Diversity Award 2020 for Positive Male Role Model



Co Founder and Lead Facilitator

Tim helped found and develop The CIP Project, without his elder wisdom and years of experience we may not have had the success we have been blessed to have. Tim has been practising healing and self development since 1992 and is qualified in Transformational Breathwork, Spiritual Healing, Reflexology and Shadow Work. The gifts and skills he works with acknowledge our innate nature as spiritual beings experiencing and expressing ourselves through our mental, emotional and physical bodies holistically.


  • Healer Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (since 1994)

  • Qualified reflexologist (since 1996)

  • Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator (since 2001) 

  • Certified Shadow Work Group facilitator after 5 years training and preparation

Lived experience

28 years experience training in and practising spiritual and personal development and process work, leading and facilitating groups and individuals including mentoring and holding ceremony. 

Today Tim dedicates his time to helping others flourish.  He has two daughters, 13 and 25, and with his loving partner Melanie leads and facilitates Shadow Work programmes for individuals, groups and organisations. He is also a natural beekeeper.



Melanie is a bodyworker, healer and coach with over 15 years experience supporting people to transform pain and difficulty, connect with their bodies and emotions, and access their inner strength and wisdom. She brings compassion, sensitivity and deep acceptance to her sessions.
She gained her Diploma in Shiatsu after completing the 3-year training with the Bristol School of Shiatsu, one of the longest established Shiatsu schools in the UK. She has also completed post-graduate study with the school, and was a teaching assistant with the school for many years. She is a qualified one-to-one Shadow Work Coach and Shadow Work Group Facilitator and runs Shadow Work weekends with her partner and co-facilitator Tim Hall.

Her experience includes working as a Shiatsu practitioner for the charities Naomi House, a mother and baby home for women with a history of street sex work, and The Rosie Crane Trust for Bereaved Parents, as well as providing shiatsu treatments at detox retreats.

Her work with clients is also supported by training in Transformational Dialogue and Body Focused Enquiry with Keith Phillips, NLP practitioner training and experience from her own healing journey and personal practice of 5Rhythms Dance, yoga and T'ai Chi.

Diploma in Theory & Practice of Shiatsu
Diploma in Acupressure Massage
Certified Shadow Work Coach
Certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator


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